Lynn Schrader

Lynn Schrader Leduc 2021


My Name is Lynn Schrader. I'm a grassroots Leduc local who has built a legacy within this community my entire life. Leduc is more than home to me, it's a community that has shaped me for the better and has the potential to do the same for all who live here. That's why the foundation of my campaign is Supporting local, Supporting you. I truly believe that by supporting local, we create a long lasting vibrant community for years to come.


I have been a business owner for 50 years, owning and operating a number of different businesses and involving myself in all avenues of commerce from everything including restaurants, entertainment, and marketplaces. Growing up in Leduc, I also have an agriculture background of 16 years, owning and operating a large cow calf ranch.  I pride myself in being involved in the local faith community and have been for the past 25 years, I have also established a non-profit foundation that supports local and provincial projects. Looking forward to the future, I am stepping away from my current business to dedicate myself to supporting local and supporting you as your Mayor.


Putting My Experience
to Work

My Family has lived and participated in this great City for over 75 years. I have been an entrepreneur in Leduc for 50  years and have always believed that you must lead by example. With a wealth of life skills by my side, I truly believe that I can bring new insight and fresh ideas to help heal, serve and rebuild, by placing others first.  It is my desire to improve the process on how decisions are made to ensure that they remain focused on improving and empowering local citizens within our community. I am leaving behind a business I have built for the last 50 years to run for Mayor because it is my desire to lead our city, following the COVID-19 pandemic, to a future that is focused on supporting locals.  Together with you, our rural neighbours, and me as Mayor, we can start the change towards what it means to be a part of the Leduc Community.

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Lynn's Family

My wife Lorraine has served for 15 years as a diaconal minister for the Lutheran church and has led grief counselling courses in the City of Leduc. Prior to this, she was a Realtor for a local real estate company. She has also been instrumental with Schrader Holdings and the family business. As an integral business partner and loving wife, there is nobody that Lynn has relied on more.

Kristine, my oldest daughter has a wide range of expertise from teaching Leduc children to transitioning into policy development and aiding the Alberta Premier. She married Colin 25 years ago, who has been an emergency doctor at Leduc Hospital for 14 years.

Andrea, my youngest daughter, who has a psychology degree and has worked many years in the non-profit sector within Leduc, is heavily involved in the fitness industry; having worked at the Leduc Recreation centre as a personal trainer for years. She married Gordie 15 years ago, who is in instrumentation technology and has first-hand knowledge and expertise of Alberta's energy sector.

Eric, the oldest son is the owner of Schrader Holdings, a family-owned community/property development business. Eric is passionate about revitalizing downtown Leduc and is constantly finding new ways to integrate local businesses. He married Michelle 3 years ago, who is active in the community supporting those with mental and physical disabilities, serving on Leduc's Arts Foundry, and has murals displayed across the city.

Eli, the youngest of my family, is an experienced analyst in the social and health sector; having worked closely with various levels of governments and different non-profits. He is currently leading a project through Centre Hope in Leduc, which aims to improve the coordination of services for vulnerable people within Leduc.

My family has been a part of the Leduc community even prior to Leduc #1 striking oil in 1946. My parents, Eric and Anne Schrader established a grocery store here in Leduc 75 years ago and helped establish the first curling rink and library for the city as well as Leduc's #3 Fire engine. My parents also sat on the board that developed Leduc's Golf course while serving as a Leduc Councillor. Their dedication to the community has inspired me to become more involved within the community and ultimately led to my decision to run as your mayor.