Lynn Schrader: Running for Mayor of Leduc in a “Reducing Taxes & Supporting Local” Focused Campaign

Updated: May 11

Lynn Schrader, local entrepreneur and philanthropist, is running for Mayor of Leduc in a campaign focused on “reducing taxes” and “supporting local” in a post-pandemic world.

Lynn Schrader, family man and successful entrepreneur for the last 50 years in downtown Leduc, has concern on how the current pandemic has been handled locally and has chosen to step away from his business to run for Mayor of Leduc in the upcoming Fall election.

“If recovery from the Pandemic is not the primary focus of every candidate running in this upcoming municipal election, then there truly is a disconnect between government and the needs of our citizens” says Lynn Schrader. Experiencing this disconnect himself, Lynn is running his campaign to focus on one thing, “Supporting Local”, a phrase we have all become familiar with but potentially have not received the effects of, especially during the ramifications of COVID-19.

Being a local business owner, Lynn has struggled to witness large box stores remain open while local businesses in Leduc that have been in operation for years are now being forced to close their doors. Lynn appreciates current efforts the City of Leduc has made to support local business through their contributions of $35,000 of consulting fees aimed at navigating the granting system provided by other levels of government, but he wonders if it is enough to keep the backbone of our economy, and small businesses, well enough to bounce back when restrictions are lifted.

Lynn’s campaign focuses on three overarching areas: building back our local economy, our community, and our relationship with regional partners. One of the primary focus areas Lynn will accomplish if elected is a 5% tax reduction in 2022. Other areas of focus include creating a city-wide donation matching program for local community causes, establishing a year-round marketplace for local art, agricultural and other goods to be sold, as well as creating new recreational pursuits, like a winter wonderland on Telford Lake for local residents to enjoy. To begin some of this work, Lynn was in the process of having an online marketplace developed so that it could be launched immediately to support local businesses and the troubles they are experiencing to make ends meet during the pandemic. However, Lynn was able to connect with iKari (, a local start up owned by a local resident who happened to share the same idea with Lynn and was already prepared to launch as of March 1st, 2021. Lynn has full support for iKari and other concepts that bring focus back towards “supporting local” and building community. Lynn will be supporting iKari by spreading the word and guiding businesses to sign up, in addition to following through with all the other items outlined within his campaign.

For more information on Lynn Schrader, his campaign or if you’re interested in signing up onto the local online marketplace, visit or call Lynn directly at 780-245-6758.