What is the Advantage of Living in Leduc?

The role of government within our communities, the private sector and our own lives is, I think fair to say, a role that is consistently up for debate. Someone who decides to run for public office typically is doing so because they believe in a different way of operating and governing public tax dollars. If you have been following along with my campaign, you would witness that I have started to focus on topics around supporting the local economy, the charitable sector and initiatives for building community in response to the pandemic. But what does this all essentially equate to, or what does this say about the way I wish to be this City’s Mayor?

Leduc is my home. I was born here and have lived here my whole life. Along with my beautiful wife, we raised our 4 children all while having a variety of small businesses in this great city. That being the case, I have often thought, what are the benefits to those wishing to settle here, start a business, raise a family or retire? In general, how is Leduc set apart from other Cities and what is the advantage of living here?

When you do a quick Google search for Leduc, you’ll find that we are primarily known for being an oil town, a small community South of Edmonton located near the airport and Nisku, or that we are known for being a bedroom community where we live but work and play elsewhere. It is my belief that Leduc is and could be so much more than these descriptions. As your Mayor, I wish to make Leduc a place to live, learn and play all with a focus of “Supporting Local, Supporting You!”. That is because I believe the greatest asset we have in our community is you, the residents that live here.

If elected, it is my belief that our local government's role is one of supporting and empowering our local citizens, by providing equitable opportunity that allows our citizens to focus on what topics are important to them and having the City of Leduc support these topics. That is why my campaign going forward will be focusing on my next platform strategy: “The Leduc Advantage”. The Leduc Advantage will provide incentives, increased opportunities and different approaches on areas including public transportation, mental well-being, senior supports, recreation, child care, business ownership, and even simply living in Leduc.

Each area will focus on providing an advantage for Leduc residents with the aim of building community, supporting local economy, and creating opportunities for residents to try new initiatives or address areas of focus that are near and dear to them. It is my belief that the government should not solve the problems of our citizens, but instead create an environment that provides our residents the tools and resources to be paired with their passions and expertise to influence their home, Leduc, for the better. It is only together that we will be able to not only overcome the repercussions of COVID-19, but any obstacles that we may face as a community in the future.